Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sponsor Showcase: Birthday Giveaway Guessing Game!

That's right people. I'm older! and I woke up this morning wanting to give out a gift of my own to my lovely readers and friends. Here's the way this is going to work. I've chosen 6 lovely items from our sponsors as clues. YOU GUESS WHAT TODAY'S THEME IS. It's not happy birthday AND it's not where Tif and I are going today but it's who we are going to see! It's easy I promise.

How to win: Guess the theme of today correctly. (It's not happy birthday)

Enter by : Commenting with your name, guess and email.

What you win: A $10 Starbucks Giftcard

Hints from our August Sponsors:

1: 2: 3:

4: 5: 6:

Winner get's chosen Tuesday at random!


  1. happy birthday sisto!!!! i LOVE you :))


  2. photography???a fashion photographer?? I don't know but Happy Birthday and I hope you have the best birthday ever!! May you have 80 more birthdays to go!

  3. NAME: Tiffany
    GUESS: Princess theme?

  4. happy birthday!!

    I'm.... gonna have to say... vintage? 70's?

    <3 Laura

  5. happy birthday dear!

    my guess: "vintage memories" days

  6. Is the theme "vintage", thrifting maybe...

    Happy Birthday !

  7. things that were introduced/popular the year you were born?

    Have a great birthday!!