Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Danielle Days: A Birthday Celebration at Disneyland

When a girl turns 21 ... it's a day of extremes, a day to remember and most of all a day to grow. The girl must now realize that she has finally "grown up" and begin her path to what she truly wants from life. Well, when I was young guess what I wanted to be....
Why Minnie Mouse of course!

1: 2:

So for my 21st birthday we all went to Disneyland! I'd like to say it was greatly appropriate.

3: 4: 5:

We got all dressed up and matchy (unplanned) because the official theme of the day was Minnie Mouse. It was on Sunday so we headed off to church first. Bible in hand! Then we grubbed at Souplantation the mecca for all things salad, soup, and blueberry muffins!

6: 7: 8:

I got the bestest gift ever from my lovely friend Cindi.
Daria The Complete Animated Series. I think our hipster table neighbors were jealous because he was laughably complaining about now having the Daria theme song stuck in his head. "la la la la la"

9: 10: 11:

Pictures were taken and fun was had. Yes we're wearing mouse ears.

12: 13: 14:

Then the highlight of the evening was doing the twist in the Celebrate Parade with Peter Pan (a.k.a our friend Kyle)
He's perfection!

All in all it was more fun then I can express. Out of all the themed birthdays I've had... this was definitely one of them... kidding it was amazing!

Thanks for the greatest birthday ever guys!

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