Friday, May 28, 2010

Inspiration from the movie ... UP

I'm back! (... but more on that later)
I bet you can't guess what I just re-watched....

1: 2: 3:
4: 5: 6:
7: 8: 9:
10: 11: 12:

Why I've been so absent this past month: Horrors struck a couple weeks ago and my Laptop (We called her Dottie) breathed her last data chip induced breath. We were all very sad, but our goal here was to "keep moving forward" (Thanks Walt!) So we bought a new lovely desktop with some sick specs to make myself feel better (We named her Deloris) and after days and days of reinstalling files and folders .... here we are! Back to normal and ready to inspire!
Hope you didn't miss me too much... ;)


  1. I love this Movie. It Awesome. You have a awesome blog i will be checking back to read more.

  2. That movie has been out for some time now but I still have not seen it,looks super cute though

    Follow & Comment on my blog back?

  3. my laptop's name is Gladis :P
    She's being having some troubles too :(

    xo, stefanie