Thursday, May 6, 2010

Inspiration for ... Granny's house party

Photos, turquoise, and wood paneling everywhere.

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10: 11: 12:

Grandma sure can throw a party!

  1. Cork display frame from FreckledNest (blog)
  2. Pancakes! from DropsOfJupiter (blog)
  3. Vintage 1965 Polaroid land camera from FStopBlues
  4. Roller girl denim shorts from ShoppingDemon
  5. Canvas carryall satchel from UrbanOutfitters
  6. Vintage 80's German curvy sunglasses from WhatTheFunk
  7. Vintage tiny dancer pin from DecadesBaltimore
  8. Vintage 70's leather rooster handbag from NobleTownVintage
  9. Vintage 80's men's striped polo from GrandmaMarieVintage
  10. Cool boy from HolyComfort (blog)
  11. Vintage brass birds of a feather from TeamRuster
  12. Vintage whiskey leather wingtip oxford boots from 23Stien


  1. The combination of brown and turquoise is so sharp! Wish my grandma's house was as classic!

  2. i love all your picks! awesome style!

  3. "these better be organic pancakes!" -via LATFH <---LOL!!!

  4. Fabulous photos! Turquoise is such a great colour!
    Hey, and you even have LA over here - she's amazing!

    Come over and enter my giveaway!

    Love Aimee