Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inspiration for .. electric movie blue ... days

Now to start this off I just want to note that electric blue is one of my all time favorite colors ... along with pale orange and forest green , but what I really want to talk about is how wonderful Wes Anderson is and how amazing my 21st birthday would be if I had it at a roller rink. Random yes, but then again when am I ever not random.

1: 2: 3:
4: 5: 6:
7: 8: 9:
10: 11: 12:

These are all movies I love and men I love and things I love, so why not have an electric blue 70's themed movie madness 21st birthday. It could possibly be the nerdiest geekfest ever apart from any sort of Trekkie convention, but at least I have a goal to ponder. Also, Wes Anderson's bowtie is more amazing then anything I own. Period. Linkage below:
  1. Vintage car
  2. Winona Rider and Christian Slater in Heathers (film)
  3. John Travolta in Grease (film)
  4. faux Hackers in Hackers (film)
  5. Vintage Americana roller skates from SkunkboyCreatures (blog)
  6. Jason Mraz
  7. Wes Anderson


  1. re #3 i dont remember them looking like that at all in the movie... let's watch it soon!

  2. Coming to America! what a great movie.

  3. just stumbled upon a different eternal sunshine movie poster! i think i'm gonna incorporate it somehow into a post soon. love love that movie.