Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Vote for Tiffany!

To quote my sister: "It happened!!!!"

Tiffany (a.k.a Bestsoylatte) from Drops of Jupiter has been chosen as a finalist on the Fuse.Tv John Mayer Contest! So to inspire you to make her wildest dreams come true and "vote vote vote for Tiffany" here is some Johnny love:

1: 2: 3:
4: 5: 6:
7: 8: 9:
10: 11: 12:

Please please please Vote! Tweet it, blog it, share it with everyone! She would be so amazing as the reporter and think of the insane blogs and tweets that will be posted afterwards. Plus I'll be along taking as many photos as humanly possible of New York

Vote: here

See all the other crazy videos we filmed: here

See #Vote4Tif on twitter for even more craziness : here

We're so excited! Vote Vote Vote!
  1. Woodsy John
  2. White space John
  3. Sunnies John
  4. Cold John
  5. Jammin' John
  6. Old school John
  7. Gap add John
  8. Hungry John
  9. Staring John
  10. Hamburger John
  11. Scarfy John
  12. Sittin' John

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