Monday, November 9, 2009

Inspiration for ... emerald envy ... days

Green is so calming to me. Even the brightest of brights just makes me think of apple flavored Jolly Ranchers and candy is never a sad thing. Even if it does rot your teeth, it intern heals your soul and spirit. Plus with a bit of flossing and brushing ... no side effects!

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This was a good color for today. It's inspirational for my dreams tonight and if I close my blinds tight enough maybe I will be able to imagine a beautiful fall view outside my window and a cool winter breeze flooding through my doors instead of whatever freakish weather we have going on this week. Linkage below:
  1. Vintage grass green canvas wedge from LisaZain
  2. French ninjas
  3. Vintage camera poster from PhotoGeek
  4. Larasara H. from
  5. Eric Bana
  6. James from BleuBirdVintage (blog)
  7. John Krasinski
  8. Vintage rubber magnets from TwoAngelsInParis
  9. Vintage green martini swimsuit from TeenahTime
  10. Vintage plaid vest from TheVintageCloset
  11. Vintage leather lace up boots from 2TreasureHunt
  12. Vintage 60s tapestry shift dress from RevivalHouse


  1. james from bleubird is a cutie pie. AND i will have you know i was standing in line for 2 hours waiting to see john krasinski on saturday in boston. unfortunately, i could not stay and missed my chance to sweep him away from emily blunt. oh well.