Friday, November 6, 2009

Inspiration for ... childlike sunny rain ... days

Sleep all day cry all night. Just in a good way ;) With the wind picking up these days and the blazing sun hiding behind friendly clouds, I've been wanting to go outside more. The wind has always been my bestie and when it bring a slight chill with it we really get along.

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Summers in California seem to last forever, but that week of winter (soon to come) is my favorite week of the whole year. No, we sadly don't get snow, but when winter's wind and cold rain show up I'm like a child again. Sitting in the open garage watching the cement get shiny, the the flowers droop, and puddles splash. (thanks to my bright green rainboots of course)
  1. Vintage mini
  2. Jason Schwartzman


  1. Great that green pottery dish from Harlowe Monroe Vintage! Putting some of these on my wish list!

  2. Such a great post! The sky blue pumps from RevivalHouse are beyond adorable. And don't get me started on Jason Schwartzman :) Many thanks for featuring us too!