Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why I Love Sleeveface

Before you say anything, I know,I know, It's not the newest meme on the planet and you're probably thinking to yourself "Sleeveface is so 5 minutes ago, it's all about planking now!" but FYI I don't care it's still hilarious! (Also FYI nobody says FYI anymore.)

I used to think of the art of Sleevefacing as amateur humor at best. "Oh, look at that guy. He owns albums! Then I finally tried doing one during a thrift hunt gone wrong a couple weeks ago. Just so you know, that mess is hard! This eye opening experience has given me a new appreciation for this musical art appreciation. It's the same reason we all can't help but like Kanye know because he pumps up old classics with new raps. (or whatever the kids are calling them these days) Sleeveface is exactly that, a pumping up of an old form of musical recognition and a silent scream of support for album art in all it's forms.

So go loose a couple hours of you life on Sleeveface's Blog or follow Sleeveface on Twitter, because this baby will never be yesterdays news... even though planking IS pretty cool.

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