Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Obsessions: Nerd Fangirl Edition

Hey kidlets. Happy May! I love the smell of a new month...smells like freshly baked bread and boy do I like carbs! Speaking of carbs (not really, but go with it) here's some nerdy fangirls obsessions that have blossumed this week:

Firstly and most importantly! Tif tweeted me this awesome blog called Nerd Boyfriend which is basically a step by step way to make your significant other (or just some guy that hangs out near you) epic and nerdy in one swoop. Bookmark it ladies!

I heart this shirt and I heart Brian Krawkow! He can hide up in my tree anynight and for those of you with Netflix account who want to relive poor Krawkow's pain and sufferings Netflix has the entire My So Called Life Series on watch instantly right now....I know!

Weezer gets some fangirl status from me simply because I feel like I grew up with them. My always extra cool friend Jessica in elementary school listened to them way back when and inturn introduced them to me. Hearts all around!

This is just a nerdy love. These painting by Anna Tillet are quite heartable and I love the bunny in the ironic basic striped shirt and mute face. Plus every nerd girl appreciates a monocle.

...and last but ceratinly not least. My Boss-man Chris Hardwick (and #1 nerd inspiration) is coming out with a book soon! If you want to take your nerd brain and make it work for the better (productivity and goal setting wise) preorder it here! I really really.

Hugs and more hugs! Love, Dani


  1. revenge of the nerds has to be one of the best films ever made

  2. The pictures you put together are dope. I can def. dig it.