Friday, April 1, 2011

6 Ways To Wear It: The Cape

I know winter is over (pretty much) but since the last "6 Ways To Wear It" I've wanted to do a feature on capes. I feel they're an unappreciated vintage signature that most people view as unwearable or over the top which makes me so sad! Capes (when worn right) can be an intense statement piece and when thrown over some grungy jeans or a cocktail dress they can finish off a seemingly standard outfit and make it unique in the greatest sense. Check out the capes below and please please please consider breaking one out this year! You'll thank me for it later...


  1. Capes are adorable! I think I want to try making one. We are heading into winter here in Australia so your post is timed perfectly for us :) x

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  3. Oh great! I want to see you in a cape** ASAP then** missy.

    (spelling is important) haha

  4. capes are amazing. I brought one for winter and wer it whenever I can. I've been looking at getting another one as well. :)
    great post

    Murphy, xo

  5. love that pink half cape dress!