Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Obsessions

There's a new fresh week ahead and guess what? It's raining... Ha! Gotta love mother nature. Here's my obsessions for the week.

I can't lie. I love this rainy moment we're having right now. California doesn't get much variety when it comes to weather so I take what I can get.

This Spring 2011 shoot from BandOfOutsiders featuring James Marsden is adorable!

The new Cake album "Showroom of Compassion" has been growing on me so I've been doing a little throwback on them for my ears sake. "Comfort Eagle" will always be one of my favorites.

Speaking of cake I rewatched Marie Antoinette a bit ago. Don't you just love their sugar overload scene. Mmmmm sweets.

...and speaking of sweets. Last Monday was Pi day. Hey math is important too!

xoxo, Danielle
photos not sourced are from weheartit

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