Friday, February 11, 2011

Nerd Crush: The BestSoyLatte Edition

This great day is my sister Tiffany's birthday and in salute to such a grand occasion I made her a lovely Nerd Crush cluster of some of her husbands. Now, of course Jesus is her #1, but these fine gents are nice as well AND guess what Tif!?! I know you like the gruffy unshaven ones so I hunted a bit and got the grimiest ones I could find. So let's all enjoy this BestSoyLatte Edition of Nerd Crsuh...also known as "NAME THAT HOMELESS MAN!" Just kidding :) Love you Sisto!

1: JonHamm 2: DevendraBanhart 3: DanSmith 4: JaredLeto
5: JustinTimberlake 6: GeorgeHarrison 7: JamesFranco 8: JamesCaviezel


  1. BEST-POST-EVER!!! seriously serious!!

    xo sisto!

  2. Ahhhhhh, I could die!!

  3. "name that homeless man" :DDD this made me laugh :D

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