Thursday, February 10, 2011

A FredFlare Valentines Day

Also known as the most adorable Valentine's Day ever! Here's some of my favorites from's cutsy collection of Valentines love. Favorites include their squishy heart plushie and flowers in a can! Nifty right? It's also a great place to nudge the boy when he's gift worried next week. Just tell him to write you a sweet note and stick it in the "message in a bottle" necklace. Easy. Done. Happy Valentines!

1: PlushHeart 2: MessageInABottle 3: SpanishSweathearts 4: SweatheartSunnies
5: MeasureYourLoveCups 6: FlowerInACan 7: USBTulipHub
8: WingediPhoneStand 9: GeekyDreamboats 10: GiantGummiePop

1 comment:

  1. re: your comment - my thoughts exactly.

    re: your blog - that fakely realistic plushie heart is calling out to me!