Saturday, February 5, 2011

11 Movies You'll Love on Valentines Days: #4

#4 Wall-E: The Valentines Day movie for people with kids...

Plot: You're in the land of Disney and something horrible has happened to the earth. (They like to start it out sad) Watch adorable and oddly human-like robot Wall-E as he collects knick knacks left behind from us humans, falls in love with a chic and pearly white robot named Eve and ultimately saves humanity from impending obesity!

Why you'll love it: This film is filled with classic Disney awesome-ness. Not only do they make the story visually stunning and accurate to what our future probably holds, but there are lessons learned too! Kids need lessons.

Prepare for: The urge to watch Hello Dolly right after then immediately go to the gym. Also make sure you stick around for the end credits display of Earth being rebuilt as they roll through the evolution of art. It's like food for your soul.

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