Friday, February 4, 2011

11 Movies You'll Love on Valentines Days: #3

#3 Zombieland: The Valentines Day movie for people who hate Valentines Day...

Plot: Zombies have attacked the earth. (Surprise Surpirse) and the few people left unaffected are struggling to servive in a world where people constantly want to eat them. Watch as loner Jesse Eisenberg meets new friends, cracks ironic jokes, gives key zombie survival tips and falls in hearts with a pretty girl all while trying to stay alive.

Why you'll love it: This film is a fun combination of scarcastic dialogue and epic zombie B-movie horror techniques. Yes the zombies are everywhere and yes they do bite, so if your main goal on V-Day is to go to a near by restaurant and glare at the gushy romantic couples...I'd suggest you watch this instead because glaring is mean. :( Trust me you'll get the same enjoyment from watching people get ripped limb from limb.

Prepare for: The urge to lock your doors, check the backseat and limberup when appropriate.


  1. okay, you have officially named my top 3 favorite movies!

  2. Yay! 3 for 3. You have awesome taste in cinema Anonymous!

  3. haha i must say the same about you!

  4. Awww high five. Let's hope you feel the same way about the rest of my V-Day list... haha