Thursday, February 3, 2011

11 Movies You'll Love on Valentines Days: #2

#2 Benny & Joon: The Valentines Day movie for artsy crafters...

Plot: Watch Joon, a unique artist who just so happens to be mentally ill, as she fights with her brother, sketches and creates endlessly and falls strangly and perfetcy in love with Johnny Depp. Yup... I said Johnny Depp!

Why you'll love it: This film has an odd playful tone on mental disorders and how they effect artist that is very unique and eyeopening. What you'll really love though is every random thing Joon creates and all the Buster Keaton themed scenes Johnny puts on.

Prepare for: The urge to fasten up your own version of her door knob chandelier and buy a pork pie hat from the 30's.


  1. I literally just finished watching Benny & Joon and then I went on my laptop and was reading through your blog, and it's the movie you suggested today! Love this movie so much!