Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Lookbook: Lace Army

I havn't done a Lookbook post in a while, so I wanted to showcase this nifty Camoflauge Army shirt I thrifted a couple weeks ago. It was found in the men's jacket rack during a day of shop hopping with Tif and it fit me just as I would have hoped... 15 minutes later it was mine!

Thrifted Army Button Down Shirt
Silver falling Pendants Necklace
Black Layered Lace Mini Skirt
Green MaryJane Heels


  1. oh sister... if only there were a "lace army" :))


  2. Those heels are beautiful! They look like you would spend the day dancing and twirling down the street. Also, I love how well they go with the army shirt :)

    Aoife x