Thursday, September 9, 2010

Movie Days: Gentlemen Broncos

Gentlemen Broncos (2009)

Now I know my movie review list is begining to look like that of a pre-teen midwest girls locker door and I do appologize, but Gentlemen Broncos came out last year around Septemeber and I've been passing by it now and again on the DVD racks. It stars young Benjamin who is an aspiring sci-fi novelist that goes to a writing camp one summer and meets his hero and famous author Ronald Chevalier (played by the great Jemaine Clement) He offers up one of his Novellas "Yeast Lords" in a surprise publishing contest at the camp and of course chaos insues. Basic themes I fell in love with include, rustic wear, 80's chic, sci-fi fan fare, pastels and more even more pastels. Shots from the film and some etsy items that fit in below:

1: 2: 3:
4: 5: 6:
7: 8: 9:

Can you tell that this film was directed (and half written) by the lovely Jared Hess? His movies do have that twinge that tends to rub some people the wrong way, but he always wins me over with his credit intros. This time an array of sci-fi cover art was displayed infront of some amazingly detailed backdrops. Check out the trailor here to get the full intro expreience. My official rating is a 4 out of 5. Started at a 3 for being a clean cut well written weirdo film and added a star for being cocaine for the vintage lovers eyes. Nerdy woodland creature art and 80's throwbacks galore.

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