Friday, September 3, 2010

Danielle Days: A San Diegan Adventure

Highlights from a San Diegan adventure.

The hotel we were staying at just so happened to be walking distance from the rustic airs of Old Town San Diego. It was filled with old timey stores and workers in period wear AND you know I love a good theme so of course Tif and I had to explore.

Walking down the main road you could see these amazing blankets everywhere. We ended up taking a couple back for the home, but there were loads of other great knickknacks as well that I would have loved to get.

One of the shops had these yummy yummy preserves!
I have a secret thing for orange marmalade.

We stopped in this little wind chime store that was just beautiful.
I'd love to do a cluster of these on my porch or display them in my front window.

Plus they had a large selection of square tiles to choose from to frame and display.
Perfect for any hipster home.

We had loads of fun and brought back tons of goodies. I almost even left with a mini Americana accordion! Almost. All in all it was a lovely end to our little Sand Diego trip.

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