Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Danielle Days: A Day Of Thrifting

Here's some great photos from a Sunday or two ago when Tif and I went on a little thrifting adventure. If you havn't already, I recommend you go on one yourself soon with someone special.

We went to church at our standard time and grabbed some Starbucks and grub at Panera Bread as a starter. Above is my grande black tea with raspberry and a yummy 1/2 salad 1/2 sandwich combo.

Borders was right around the corner, so we stopped by. I peaked at the new GQ issue learning some valuable knowledge about how to put on cologne correctly and whether I should invest in an ipad or not. The answer was no, but I AM contemplating grabbing one of these snazzy journals and making it mine soon!

After Borders some great thrifting was done. We found cute little retro eyeglass cases and tons of grandma home goods. The ultimate purchase being these black and yellow Bumblebee Roller Derby Skates that somehow fit me perfectly! It was destiny I tell you.. destiny!

Last stop was LaBomba, our favorite Vintage store in old town. Apparently Jesus was on TV that day....or I guess everyday at LaBomba.

The sum up: Me in my new vintage librarian scholar blue plaid blazer and Tif in her vintage green dress (half off) and new vintage brown comfy cowboy boots.

header image: weheartit


  1. Love the way you collage your images :) amazing finds ladies!

  2. awww you think im special.... that's special :)'yyyack-yack-yack'


  3. all photos look gorgeous! And the colour are so pretty!