Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Movie Days: Youth In Revolt

This one surprised me. I'm not usually surprised. Though I never read the Book (I'm a movie first, book second kind of girl) I have to admit that the trailers for this film were giving me a lukewarm feeling. Even the cover art still confuses me but Youth in Revolt ended up to be hilariously writer, awkwardly romantic and a really awesome film. It stars Michael Cera as Nick Twisp, a shy romantic with a lack of love in his life. Thankfully though, a meet-cute brings him together with the very chic Sheeni Saunders and chaos ensues as Nick fights tooth and nail to stay with her. He even goes the lengths of creating an alternate ego to play out all the diabolical-ness. Here's some inspiration including a couple appropriate etsy items just in case you want to go for the Francois look...

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1: LeasVintage 3: LilliesOfTheVallyVintage 5: CoralMai 6: ElsonGriffith
9: ManMadeSole 10: PranceAndSwagger 11: LittleRetreats

Another thing I should admit is that I'm a sucker for Cera so this film already had a 3 heart rating in my brain before I ever watched it. The extra heart is for a combination of great writing, a wardrobe department I'd give free hugs to, an intellectual play on obsessive love/overly emotional coupling and they bought me with an endless list of featured actors which included Zach Galifanakis ....

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