Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sponsor Showcase

Give a HAPPY 4TH OF JULY welcome to our gorgeous July Sponsors!

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Arn't they the cutest ... stop by their shops and blogs below:
  1. Snow garden necklace from JewelryOfLav
  2. Vintage half pint thermos from TheWishingWardrobe
  3. Vintage 70's floral ruffled maxi dress from FashionRedemption
  4. Vintage blue vegan slingbacks from Bootmestier
  5. Sketchbook square tee from Homecoming
  6. Vintage 70's floral picnic dress from LotusVintageNY
  7. Vintage 70's cream summer dress from Coralroot
  8. Vintage 70's denim wrap hippie skirt from FancyCatVintage
  9. Yay America! from DropsOfJupiter (blog)


  1. Nice collection of red, white, and blue! :)

  2. Thanks D! Looks great, probably because I love this color combo!