Friday, January 1, 2010

21 things to do in 2010

  1. Start a "what I wore today" journal
  2. Continue growing out my natural hair
  3. Move out
  4. Start a wall clock collection
  5. Light something on fire
  6. Make a doorknob chandelier
  7. Win an educated game of chess
  8. Hold eye contact with a stranger
  9. Go to the Zoo
  10. Walk around a CVS barefoot
  11. Save up a nest egg
  12. Reinvent my wardrobe
  13. Sell sponsor adds on my blog
  14. Find/buy a perfume that suits me
  15. Begin shooting in a studio
  16. Frame art
  17. Mount art on wall
  18. Start a collection of rubix cubes
  19. Start a collection of 80's VHS movies
  20. Buy/ use a pair of vintage eyeglass frames
  21. Build something out of wood


  1. Loose track of time in a museum

Completed 2/21 as of January 1st 2010

Completed 5/21 as of April 8st 2010

Completed 10/22 as of Septemeber 14th 2010

Completed 14/22 as of Decemeber 31st 2010


  1. that is a seriously great list. When you make the doorknob chandelier I want to see pictures!!!!!


  2. You and Me can knock out some of those Dani. Piece of cake. Some of those you can start on TODAY (course, I should talk...). The cvs up here has carpet. I need a box for my irrigation valves. YOU CAN DO IT!!
    love Ya!!