Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Showcase: Urban Outfitters

Happy official holiday season everyone! For the showcase this week I wanted to glace at everyone's favorite indie pop clothing store, Urban Outfitters. If there is one place I go to for a shopping inspiration fix it's here. Walking through an Urban is almost just as fun as wearing their fabulous boho cardigans and shimmery cocktail dresses and don't even get me started on their shoes and boots ...

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Also this season is the perfect place to grab a couple stocking stuffers for you close friend or stylish acquaintance. It's impossible to believe that anyone wouldn't enjoy a Birdcage Jewelry Stand or some Turquoise Ruched Gloves. If you haven't yet, stop by your local store or click here for their site. Buy some gifts, some shoes, a dress, and go crazy because free shipping ends super super soon! Linkage below:

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  1. I love love UO! In fact, I need to go UO shopping!