Monday, November 23, 2009

Inspiration from ... SNL hosted by Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Firstly: I'm going to ask that everyone forgive me for my haphazard posting this past week. Things, as they usually do, went a muck and became so overwhelming that I had to literally go to Disneyland to escape. Now though we've got things all planned out and rerouted, so I hope to be bringing you all steady inspiration daily with a side of hug, kisses, and squishy bright colored thoughts and feelings.

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On topic: Was Joseph Gordon-Levitt amazing on Saturday Night Live or was I just having a hallucination? I haven't laughed that much while watching SNL in quite a long time. He brought back hope in my head for that show. Plus, I mean just look at him for heavens sake! He's adorably adorable and wonderfully weird. (Just like I like em) If you missed it, check out YouTube for some clips of skits before they get deleted by the copyright Nazis or be a good girl (/ boy) and watch what NBC has up here.

P.S. Why did I number the photos when I had nothing to link them to?


  1. loved this episode! (or atleast looking at jgl even when the writing wasn't consistently funny...)

  2. jgl as mraz owned my life!!
    and i dont know why you numbered the photos?????

  3. I realized later that I number them for easier commenting on our favorite JGL SNL shot.

    For example: He looks super spiffy in #3 tehehe!

    I did it for my commenters ;)