Friday, November 13, 2009

Inspiration for ... dimmed bright light ... days

My day was meh until I put on these polka dot leggings I got on clearance from Forever. There's something about putting on a piece of clothing that you, 1: forgot you had because it got lost in your endless laundry pile and 2: got at such a cheap price that even stealing would have been more expensive, that can brighten up any day. Now all of a sudden I'm calm, comfortable and collected. Plus it's almost distracting me from my lip hurting ... almost.

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So if you haven't heard yet ... we lost the contest ... super bummer and yet I sigh with relief because the stress of waiting to find out actually ended up being worse than losing for me. Betty and I are about to go walk off our sorrows at wonderful Disneyland and maybe eat a churros or 12 ... I'll be tweeting some Christmas Disney fab-ness on the Twitpic-page. It's guaranteed to be wonderful and cheer us both up, and we really need some of that. Yayz! Linkage below:
  1. Jason Lee
  2. Jason Schwartzman


  1. heyyyyy... thats a nice pic of Juanito! i liked this BLOG ;)

  2. Your blog is sooo beatiful def on my blog roll

  3. <3 Yay I liked this one too. I was saving it for a rainy day ...