Friday, November 27, 2009

Inspiration for ... cherry and plum ... days

Boy, am I excited for today! Even though I have to work and that's going to be crazy. Even though all the stores are going to be crazy. Even though MY store is going to be crazy, I am still so excited. It's all because I love love love holiday crowds. I love eating in the food court and watching the busy buyers scurry around from afar ...

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7: 8: 9:
10: 11: 12:

I've always been an undercover people watcher and there is no better time then the present to embrace my inner looky lou. (the non creepy version) So today, since I can't enjoy the addictive deal claiming like everyone else I will watch from a very safe distance and think up some more lovely add ons to my Christmas present list for friends and family. I'm also contemplating hitting those Etsy black Friday deals from my phone ... I can't resist. Linkage below:
  1. Sylvie Vartan
  2. Julian N. from
  3. Rosario Dawson

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