Friday, September 25, 2009

Inspiration for ... bearded stached boy ... days

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  1. Ryan Reynolds
  2. Vintage grey leather billfold from HogEatHog
  3. Stache Polaroid from Drops of Jupiter
  4. Vintage camera mug from AceroStudio
  5. Our Endless Numbered Days by Iron & Wine
  6. Ray Lamontagne
  7. Vintage fedora hat from HogEatHog
  8. Seaman print from TushTush
  9. Vintage 80's green ankle booties from 20TwentyVintage


  1. My favourite bearded man- Bret from Flight of the Conchords

  2. i love waking up and easing into my day with ray lamontagne and i lovee falling asleep to iron & wine. (i went to a concert..and could barely could my eyes a good way!) can't wait for your picture playlist!

  3. YES. i love everything about this post!